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What's Included Inside The Academy

  • Education

    Karen has taken her very popular “live" course for patients and put it into a video format that you can watch at your own pace. Learn how the gut microbiome is at the center of our health and how an unhealthy gut contributes to weight gain, fatigue, migraines, thyroid disorders, IBS, sleep issues, autoimmune disorders.

  • Labs

    This course includes food sensitivity testing (95 foods). Many people have food sensitivities that they are unaware of. Removing these foods is important at the beginning stages of healing to reduce inflammation. Many companies offer food sensitivity testing but not all labs and testing types are useful or valid. Karen uses the type of testing that is considered the “gold standard” by The Institute For Functional Medicine.

  • Private Consult

    This course includes 2 (private) 30 min video/phone consults with Karen Graham, RDN to provide you with personalized help and recommendations.

Meet The Founder Of Smart Nutrition Academy

Karen Graham, RDN

Functional Medicine Dietitian

Karen Graham is a registered dietitian nutritionist and has been in private practice since 2007. She is also a clinical instructor of integrative nutrition at Stony Brook Medical University. Karen is a Functional Medicine Dietitian specializing in GI disorders and diseases related to the gut microbiome including IBS, UC, Chohn’s, thyroid disorders, weight gain, migraines, PCOS & autoimmune disorders. Her consultations includes the assessment, intervention and treatment of chronic illness or disease using nutrition. Karen will guide you in preventing, controlling or reversing your medical condition in a natural way. She takes an integrative approach to nutrition by combining cutting-edge medical nutrition therapies along with traditional, time-proven natural methods. During a consultation, Karen investigates many aspects of a person’s lifestyle in addition to diet, including sleep patterns, daily schedule, job, medications/supplements, medical records & physical activity.

What People Are Saying

Patient Testimonials

Gastrointestinal problems

Sheri Duggan

I visited with Karen and couldn’t be happier with my investment and results. I decided to see her because I had continuous annoying gut tenderness and discomfort. A friend had begun seeing Karen, was getting great results and I decided it was time to figure my stuff out. I didn’t even realize how uncomfortable I had really become until the intestinal pain was gone, which happened quickly once I learned which foods I had become sensitive to. Cutting those foods out gave me nearly immediate relief. Karen helped me learn what I needed to do for my body to help it heal and I am happy to report that after about 6 months of following her guidance, my gut has healed significantly. It has healed to much that I can now go back to eating many of the foods that were a problem for me before. In addition, my skin is healthier, my mind feels clearer and I just feel better which makes me happier too. I feel that this time with Karen has changed my eating habits for good and I am so very grateful. If you are ready to take your health and healing to another level, go see Karen. I am so glad I did!

Food Sensitivities

Mary Cathcart

I was overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness about my GI issues which I had been tackling for 6 years. I decided to do an internet search and came upon Karen’s site. I was pretty depressed by this time and was not expecting the genuine concern I received with my initial phone call. Joanne was so kind and helpful. When I had my first visit with Karen I left her office smiling, usually I would leave a medical consultation feeling discouraged. Karen listened and educated me on the GI tract. Following a basic food panel allergy test and the food substitutes Karen recommended I feel like a new person. Within a very short time I went from having very poor days to feeling better than I have in a very long time. Karen’s help made a great difference in my life and I am truly grateful.

IBS, Autoimmune & Weight Gain

S. Lopez

Karen Graham is an expert in nutrition and GI issues. I’m a new patient and I find her to be exceptional in her approach to managing individual needs. Her method is simple and effective with a step by step process that I can reasonably manage. The start of the program is education and learning about various aspects of GI issues. Then a follow up visit is scheduled to review your medical history and lab work. I appreciate her attention to detail and thoroughness in my medical history to get to the root of the problem. A plan is devised together to take the journey toward healing. With Karen’s program within days I could feel a difference and shift in my body. I have been to numerous doctors and have tried other healing programs without success. In the short time I’ve been a patient I feel like I’ve accomplished more than all the other programs combined. I highly recommend Karen for her expertise, clinical research, knowledge, skills and abilities. She is positive, upbeat, super nice and pleasant to work with.

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